From Chemistry to Results in a Sample Vial
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2016 Ten Year Anniversary for iChemExplorer

"Chemistry to Results in a Sample Vial"

NEW ICEplate with Quench Tool for iChemExplorer

Chemistry in a Reaction Vial

iChemExplorer helps you automate sampling, temperature control and record keeping.  By adding heating and stirring to the sample tray in your HPLC, the iChemExplorer works to clear bottlenecks as analysis is done at the time of sample.  Working at the milliliter scale means less starting materials so you can get results early in the development process.

Visualize results

iChemExplorer turns chromatographs into Peak Profiles - lines that follow peak area from sample to sample.  You see your starting materials convert to products.  Names peaks of interest and hide the rest for presentation while keeping the source data intact.  With one button export Peak Profiles, chromatographs and all data in numeric format to Microsoft Excel  You have what you need for presentation and record keeping in one place.


In the time it takes to run one experiment in the hood you can fully optimize conditions with the iChemExplorer.  Our customers study reaction kinetics, screen catalysts and evaluate the stability and solubility of UV-active compounds.  Let us know about your application  The iChemExplorer will help you make it happen.

Want to bring iChemExplorer into your lab? 

Contact us at administrator@ichemexplorer.com.