About Us

Reaction Analytics Inc. was established in 2006.  We carry a unique product line of iChemExplorer and have more than 100 active users in US, Europe and Japan.

Our Missions are:

  • To promote automated chemistry and biologics screening capabilities in HPLC user community
  • To assist scientists in understanding kinetics, equilibrium and stability trends by real time HPLC analysis

iChemExplorer: Chemistry to Results in a HPLC sample vial

iChemExplorer Controller & HPLC Autosampler
    iChem Filter Inserts Fitted to 2 mL HPLC Vials

iChemExplorer is an integrated hardware/software module added onto your HPLC autosampler and turns your HPLC into an automated screening system with new functions of heating, stirring, sample scheduling, peak profiling and application-specific data reporting. Integration of iChemExplorer into HPLC not only takes advantages of HPLC’s popularity and robustness but also extends your HPLC screening capabilities. By adding heating and stirring to HPLC with sample scheduling and manipulation, iChemExplorer works to clear bottlenecks as analysis is done at the time of sampling. Screening at the milliliter scale directly in HPLC vials means less starting materials to be used so you can design more experiments and get quality results efficiently in the development process.

See the Chemistry Happen in Real Time

iChemExplorer brings automated temperature and time course studies to all scientists. Its software tracks chromatographs into Peak Profiles – lines that follow peak area from sample to sample – so you can watch your starting materials convert to products. Highlight peaks of interest for immediate attention, for example, kinetics in reaction progress and product stability. With one button exporting Peak Profiles, chromatographs and all data in numeric format to Microsoft Excel, you have what you need for presentation and record keeping in one place.


In the time it takes to run one experiment in the hood you can fully optimize conditions with iChemExplorer. Our customers study reaction kinetics, screen catalysts, evaluate new molecules for solubility and stability, and identify optimal conditions for chiral resolution and achiral purification by crystallization.

We are dedicated to best practices and training for use of iChemExplorer. More than this we will take on special projects to develop new applications in pharmaceutical as well as in new areas such as chemical, agricultural, food, flavor and fragrance.

Let us know about your application, iChemExplorer will help you make it happen.    Want to bring iChemExplorer into your lab? Contact us at  MikeL@ReactionAnalytics.com.