Your chemical experiment can be broken down into steps. Each step from Experiment Design to Data Reporting follows one after the other. Doing any one step faster – lab robots and automated reactors – can create roadblocks in your Experiment Workflow.

iChemExplorer brings heating, stirring and sample scheduling together with your HPLC for an integrated work-flow from experimental run through sampling and analysis to data reporting and next steps.

Chemistry to Results in a sample vial

Sample Vials as Reactors for Chemistry

Consider the sample vial as a Reaction Vessel. Now you can work at the milliliter scale with minimum starting materials and little waste for data-rich experimentation in the most efficient way possible.

Screen analytes for solubility, stability and route optimization, unattended and overnight, to double experimental throughput.

iChemExplorer System with HPLC Autosampler

In the time it takes to run one experiment in an automated reactor, you can fully optimize conditions with iChemExplorer.

With over 100 installations throughout Asia, Europe and North America, iChemExplorer has been helping chemists solve problems since 2006.