iChemExplorer integrates into HPLC Autosampler

iChemExplorer adds capabilities to HPLC – heating, stirring and injection scheduling through a sample sequence – without taking away any HPLC standard functionality. So your HPLC may be dedicated to the use of iChemExplorer or may continued to be used alone as is when needed.

Reaction Analytics  Reaction Analytics

  • iCEbox goes under the HPLC autosampler
  • iCEtray drops in place of the vial tray and may be removed and replaced as needed
  • iCEware loads and runs on the PC that controls iChemExplorer and HPLC
  • iCEreporter analyzes and displays your application data

iCEbox and iCEtray with your HPLC autosampler

Reaction Analytics   

  • Heat from ambient to 150 oC or 5 – 80 oC connected to an external chiller
  • Stir to 1200 RPM by magnetic bar in vial
  • Record of iCEtray set point and actual temperature
  • iCEtray fits to standard well plate and holds up to 54 two milliliter vials

iHeat to define temperature ramp/hold on-the-fly control

Reaction Analytics

iSample to schedule direct or quench injection of homogeneous/heterogeneous samples and to create sequence tables in HPLC control software

iGraph to automatically track chromatography data and display Peak Profiles real time and one-button export to Excel

Reaction Analytics

iCEware license to iChemExplorer software gives you the ability to upgrade to the latest version at any time. iChemExplorer software is compatible to Agilent, Waters and  Shimadzu HPLC control software.

iCEreporter incorporates the data models of scientific algorithm and visualization, easy and perfect for your application data evaluation and presentation, for example, kinetics parameters fitting to Arrhenius equation in forced degradation, solubility measurement against temperature fitting to Van’s Hoff equation, ee calculation in chiral resolution, and peak profiling to follow reaction doses in process control.  We will further collaborate and help you to develop your specific application data analysis and reporting tool.

Forced Degradation and Arrhenius Plot

Solubility Measurement and Van’t Hoff Plot
ee Plot in Chiral Resolution
Peak Profiles of Reaction Doses in Process Control