Our users push iChemExplorer into new applications all the time. We started with Reaction Optimization. Then into Stability in Solution and Forced Degradation and onto Thermodynamic Solubility Screening. Our users have published in Flow Chemistry, Chiral Resolution, Crystallization, as well as Formulation and Excipient Compatibility. If temperature and stirring affect your chemistry then iChemExplorer is the best way to find out.

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Analytical Data from iChemExplorer available for Download

The links below provide access to data collected by users with the iChemExplorer. The data has been shared by the users to demonstrate the capability of the iChemExplorer software to review and report results of their work. The data is in .ZIP format for download. One data set includes chromatograms for over 400 samples taken through the experimental run. Be patient as the downloads may be several MB.