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iChemExplorer Software For Download

NOTES TO PREPARE FOR iChemExplorer software installation

Important – Search the PC directory to confirm that FM20.dll is present before proceeding with installation of iChemExplorer software. If this driver is not present then use SetUpPad.EXE from Microsoft to install the driver. See Guides for instructions. This software is available for download from Reaction Analytics Inc.

The iChemExplorer software is designed to be installed to a Microsoft Windows PC provided by the user. iChemExplorer software is qualified to operate with all versions of Windows from 7 to 10. The application requires 10 MB of HDD and should run with a minimum of 4GB of RAM on the PC.

Microsoft Excel(C) must be installed and operating on the PC in order to install and operate iChemExplorer Reporter(C) and Legacy software.

Control(C), Reporter(C) and Legacy software installers are available for download through the links below. The Installers are in .ZIP file format to be extracted upon receipt. Some servers may protect against the download of this file type. Please contact us to make alternate arrangements for electronic delivery.

iChemExplorer Software Installers

We encourage our customers to upgrade to the current version of Control(C) and Reporter(C).  We work hard to qualify our software as backward compatible so you never lose features . Then you gain new features developed from the latest research in your field.

Please contact us for a trial license.