Lab Rats Welcome

“You are tired” is the literal translation for “Otsukaresama Deshita”, a Japanese blessing. My friend at iDear shared these words after a particularly bad day in the lab. His meaning was to say “Thank you for your hard work.” And then I remember that hard work is its own reward. All this to say that it is here that we share new ideas – successes and failures – so that we can all learn.

Japanese Partner Launches iPrep Workstation

The iChemExplorer iPrep was launched to Japan in 2022 by our Japanese distributor, iDear Manufacturing, with successful demonstrations at key customer sites. Take a look here at the iDear website to learn more about the launch. The plan is to bring the iPrep to North America in 2023. Be part of the wave. Get in touch with us at Contact to set up a demo.

More to Share

Over the past twenty-one months, Reaction Analytics has used time in the factory to improve what we do – heating, stirring and sampling from sample vials. If you have used an iChemExplorer before then you will experience the best product line we have offered to date in 2023. For those who are new to our user community, be assured that you are starting with the best available and welcome.